Spire GTR

The GT-R, originally designed by Martin Keenan of MK Engineering has evolved from the MK GT1 with many improvements being made to strengthen and refine the chassis. The lightweight, race winning chassis has a mid-engined layout with weight distribution moved forward from its predecessor to improve handling. It has been designed to accept Sierra donor running gear and is available in left or right hand drive configuration since the change to the use of Escort steering racks. The engine bay will accommodate a variety of motorbike or car engine options allowing the car to allow it to be built within customer’s performance requirements.

The GT-R is fitted with new Le Mans inspired, flowing bodywork in GRP. It has been refined in the wind tunnel at Mira for aerodynamic efficiency and proven on track. We have a choice of the standard weight body kit recommended for road use or a lightweight lay up for track use and maximum performance.

As a result of the new bodyshape and chassis design the car now complies fully with Single Vehicle Approval and will easily pass the IVA test to allow road use.

With a total weight of around 500kg’s you can expect stunning performance from the car, 0-60 times in less than 4 seconds and top speeds of over 140 mph.

Shot as part of a Professional photography package.

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